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If you are in or close to Foreclosure

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Plan A:     Keep your home!

I offer a No-Qualifying refinance loan1. Regardless of your present mortgage or credit situation, I can loan you the amount still owing on the loan. If you qualify, you can even get cash out to use on credit cards, other loans or whatever. This will help you in three ways.

  1. Your loan will be paid off and your credit will look better.
  2. You get to continue living in your home.
  3. This can be done even after the sale and can help you get back on your feet.

Do you want to KEEP your home?


Plan B:     Bring the loan current!

Get cash fast with a 2nd mortgage at only 3%1. Use it to cure the loan or start over. Don’t let other lenders play games. This plan will work for you today!

Time is Short!


Plan C:     Quick Sale!

I can buy your home, with the possibility of renting or selling it back to you. This is possible even if you have little or no equity. This will help you in three ways.

  1. Your loan will be paid off and your credit will look better.
  2. You can continue living in your home or take your time moving out.
  3. Quick Closings! You will have cash in your pocket within a couple of days, even after the sale.

Tired of the “Vultures” circling?


Plan D:     Sell for Market Value!

As a licensed Realtor with RD Realty, LLC, I can help you sell your home.

  1. You would get to keep more of the equity—I will represent you and market your home extensively with my 30-day marketing plan for only 5.5% OR you can choose my regular marketing plan for only 4.8%.
  2. I specialize in selling real estate in foreclosure and I know all that needs to be done to transfer clean title.
  3. Your loan with be paid off and your credit will improve. You may even be able to buy a new home.
  4. I only do 30 day listing agreements to guarantee that I work hard for you the entire time. Don’t agree to a standard 3-month listing. You don’t have the time!


1 There must be enough equity to satisfy my partners.

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I am a foreclosure specialist in the Denver metro area.
If you would like to invest in foreclosures, please let me know.

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