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RD Realty, LLC
13918 E Mississippi Ave #302
Aurora, CO 80012
Fax: 303-699-5717


I buy mortgages, all sizes and terms.
Get your money now, in one big lump sum.
Not years later when you can't enjoy it..

I buy liens and judgments.
Do you have a judgment or lien that you want collected? I can pay you cash today for it. It's quick and simple, get the money you are owed. Call me today to find out how.
At this time I only buy judgments against people living in Colorado who own real estate.

Contact or Call me for more details - 303-941-4823
At this time I am only buying mortgages and liens in the state of Colorado.





If you are in or close to Foreclosure, please visit my foreclosure page.


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RD Realty, LLC