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8824 E. Florida Ave # 206

1 bed 1 bath condo for sale for $106,000.
Water, sewer, trash and EVEN HEAT. This HOA pays for it all (everything put elect... AND STILL THE LOWEST HOA DUES IN TOWN). Both an indoor and outdoor pool, plus hot-tub, plus exercise room, plus pool tables, plus club house, plus volleyball pit, plus picnic tables... on and on and on. The whole building was upgraded just 6 months ago. Across the street from a neighborhood Walmart and other shopping and across the corner is the Arapahoe library. This is in Arapahoe county and has Cherry Creek schools. Condo is vacant for easy showings and quick closing.

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Holiday Ambassador RV

41 ft long. 6 cylinder Diesel Engine, RWD, Automatic transmission. Only 13K miles. Has 4 sliders with 455 sq ft when fully extended. Solar panels. Exterior Cameras.

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